The Framework itself consists of five elements embedded in the districts’ continuous improvement model of plan, do, check, and act. The elements are: 1) Vision and Purpose 2) Core Values 3) District Focus 4) Mission 5) Goals. Note that Purpose drives goal settings and action in a concrete and less abstract way than most district vision statements from the Board to the classroom. The Core Values establish the parameters of action and the pursuit of district goals to serve as a means of preventing distraction from the driving purpose of district intent. The District Focus is a re-statement of the Board goals clearly identified for all to see and understand what they mean. The Mission serves as the rallying cry of the district’s chief resource—its people—to innovate constantly—to educate all to high levels—and to inspire each and every one to lead a rich and fulfilling life—purpose again is emphasized here.

The framework is operationalized starting with district student outcomes and how teachers, school principals, and each district responsible officer is responsible to support those student and staff learning goals. It challenges superintendents to use these resources with their school boards, district leaders, and school leaders. It encourages district leaders to articulate and select a theory of action that first connects with internal staff and students and with their external partners – parents, guardians, and community members. leads to student accomplishment and well-being with a coherent message that informs the relationships between all the stakeholders internally and externally.