Appreciative Inquiry applied to Appreciate Leadership is essentially a positive strengths-based approach to innovation that Whitney and Trosten-Bloom (2008) offers specific practical guidance for leaders to make it come alive. They offer five concepts: Inquiry – leading with positive questions – Illumination – bringing out the best in your people and situations – Inclusion – creating the future with all stakeholders – Inspiration – awakening the creative spirit in others – Integrity – making choices for the good of the whole. Dena’s work in Chapters Two and Three highlights each of these five appreciative leadership actions.

Appreciative Organizing in Education in the Positive Manifesto was written with two certified appreciative inquiry facilitators who came to together to build a framework to guide the development of district platforms for innovation. See the Appreciative Organizing Model for district transformation that The Warren Framework listed in Chapter Four is an exemplar. The elements of the Warren Framework is an application of these two theories of action.